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          Como Agua de Mayo...

That something comes "like May water" is one of the many expressions that society has been "borrowing" from wine, as the eternal "maker of culture" that it has always been. The contribution of the wine world to Western civilization and culture in general is infinite. And in this year, in which for obvious reasons "nothing will be better than expected", it turns out that the field and the vineyard continue to give us joy, because nature once again shows us that it is "she" who commands our lifetime. And not the other way around ...

The Mediterranean trilogy of vines, olive trees and cereals, as the basis of the productivity of the field, is millenary in Jerez. Naturally, like everything classical, it was consolidated with the Roman domination that took advantage of the autochthonous of each place, although many still insist on defending the advantages of irrigation that the Arabs effectively implanted, but that does not always work well with all crops , nor on all soils.

The historical agriculture of our area never needed irrigation, although it did need rain. That is why wine, bread and olive oil were never lacking in Jerez. Many non-autochthonous crops, however, have failed -in these infinite albariza that are lost on the horizon by the sea-, by going outside the norms dictated by nature. And for a reason it will be…

But when it rains in May, especially the vines, they are helped by a last and unexpected contribution of moisture, which favors ripening abundant, without losing quality at any time and optimizing the level of acidity.

Well, this year in Jerez “it's raining by hand”. Heaven could not send us a better gift than these torrential rains in May. If our countryman, Lucio Moderato Columela -that in 42 AD He wrote the oldest Viticulture Manual in Spain in our area-, he was contemplating this authentic flood, he would give to the cry of “hoc bene est” and possibly end up drunk with happiness.

The viticulturists We are not happy about what happens in the short term, but about what we know that with the passing of the months or the years it will be good for those who uncork one of our bottles with love and delight, seeking the pleasure it treasures. And these unexpected rains, but turned into grains of grapes, can give much pleasure and happiness in ten or fifteen years, when no one remembers what happened in the spring of 2020. When the storm ceases and the Sun shines again. When we have forgotten that these "May waters", they enhanced the delicious sensations contained in our glass of wine.

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