Ctra. Jerez - Sanlúcar desvío Las Tablas Km 1,5

          "Cosecha" y "Battonage", vino y perfume de nuestras uvas en vendimia...

There was a time in Jerez, in which a grape harvesting September rose to the vine of fermentative aromas and the wineries gave off puffs of new must, filtered by rickety esparto esterones. Entire streets oozed with life, from the quiet stillness of its centuries-old buildings whitewashed like a blank canvas, to the point that the creator brought it to life with her color palette.

Each.Essences of the ancestral and aromas of fresh grapes coexisted with yeasts, in a microcosm of stone columns and beams drunk by continuous evaporation, which "angels" charge as a tribute to the aging of the wines ... That was "a kind of paradise ”for a child, who from the hand of his father was getting to know very particular barrels and elaborations, which are already part of my olfactory and gustatory memory. That child, it was me, of course ... And those essences remained in my memory with the perception of a perfume, which the grown-ups could drink. But my father told me that it was only wine.

One fine day I asked my father why no one made a wine perfume with those unforgettable aromas of manual harvesting and spontaneous fermentation ...

... and he replied "Kurt Kuwilsky, the German perfumer who lives here in Jerez, makes perfumes with names of wines" , but I wanted to make a wine perfume that could be drunk and then, my father literally told me "Look son, the only wine perfume that can be drunk is brandy, but you still can't taste that by far" .

The years passed and being in charge of our winery, I came across one of our wine, so aromatic and fruity, that I think its imprint on those who have tasted it will last for years for the first time. Here we call it "Harvest" because we try not to pass many days between harvesting, fermentation and bottling. In fact, it is our youngest wine, the most fruity and the most aromatic of those we make from raisins.

Finally we had the opportunity to distill it and make it using battonage like a real brandy , which extracts all the flavor and density of the proteins from the lees of each barrel and hence we call it "Brandy Battonage", a distillate that cannot be understood without tasting our "Harvest" and that, to those of us who are part of this house takes us back to the experiences of days gone by during this September harvesting ripe grapes placed in the "paseo" while the sun gives them its last benefactor rays ... The epilogue of a fruit called grape and the beginning of the aromas of a perfume unrepeatable: the wine and its distilled soul enclosed in glass, hoping to give pleasure to the human being. What better gift can you expect from a vintage ...

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