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          Mi Genial Tía Celina

There was a time when the important thing for most of the women in Spain was to "marry well", with a man who was in charge of all matters related to their properties and businesses ... But When among these issues there are wine cellars involved, the call of the blood and the earth, it may be stronger than the social convention in which one has been educated.

My aunt Celina studied oenology when women did not study practically anything and she did it so that no one had to tell her how she had to make her own wine ... That - the old foremen said - was a man's thing, it was also a man's thing that was taming horses and her She has always been great at doing it.

Aunt Celina doesn't care what other people think. In the middle of August, I would go through the winery's boots one by one to personally quantify losses. The rings never "fell off" when she rolled up her skirt and shirt to personally climb the racking ladder with a "splinter" or a "venencia" in her hand ... I remember her taking me for the first time on her precious horse. "Emperor" and giving me his particular home remedies against wasp stings.

She is a woman who reminds me a lot of the aviator Amelia Earhart, my aunt has never been too willing to leave her vocation, to assume that of another person who might not make her too happy ... She is one of those women who make the world of wine great. Bodeguera, daughter of a winemaker, aunt and sister of winemakers. His soul is full of memories that I would like to have time to sit down and listen to his lips, but he speaks too quickly, as if he wanted to tell me many things in the little time we spent together ... "take care of the temperature of the cellar", "this wine will give you It has come out very round ”,“ be careful with the wastage ... ”.

I feel like taking a lot of bottles of Old Harvest with it. Thank God she still leans forward and with amazing agility touches the toes of her shoes with her hands… And she's over eighty years old.

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