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“For lovers of intense cigars…”

Logically when a cigar acquires a very high strength, we are faced with the problem of not easily finding the perfect distillate to accompany it. In fact, you need the intensity and some tannins that initially may seem disproportionate, although they are not organoleptically, when combined with the most intense and robust cigars.

José Antonio Zarzana - Viticulturist

Variety: 100% Pedro Ximénez
Alcoholic Grade: 47.15%
Capacity: 70 cl.
Presentation: Individual Oak Case


Distilled from Pedro Ximénez 100% sunny grape wines, with a yield close to 90 liters of Brandy per ton of fresh grape. Authentic certified raisin wine is distilled in order to obtain "Fine Holandas de Alquitara", capable of providing a "Brandy distilled from wine" with organoleptic characteristics different from those of any other distillate.

Until this Solera was founded in 1948, no viticulturist dedicated to Pedro Ximénez had done something similar, and even today our procedures are the only ones of their type known in Spain. After distillation, this product spends 12 years in 750-liter chestnut barrels and another 12 years in 250-liter American oak barrels. Once the precise quality for the Fortaleza Nº3 cigars has been selected, one more year passes unifying the set obtained. The sum of the parenting periods makes the average age of each harvest not less than 25 years.

Since it is a specific selection for Very high intensity habano cigars, the barrels that maintain a regularity with the rest of the Solera are not chosen, but those that have disproportionate organoleptic characteristics, although markedly suitable for the intense cigars they must accompany.

Tasting Notes

VISUAL: At sight it is a classic pale mahogany, with marked greenish iridescence from its prolonged oxidation in oak, which which gives it a vision very similar to that of the wine itself. It is clean and bright, as a consequence of its prolonged stability in wood.

OLFATIVE: In the olfactory phase, moderate aromatic intensity, raisins and dried plums. The alcoholic perception is initially high and little by little balanced with the gradual oxygenation of the glass. Remarkable alcoholic graduation. Wood present and prolonged, and yet elegantly enveloping.

TASTE: On the palate it is specific for the cigars that it complements and with very marked wood features without losing your balance. The notes of P.X. they do not stand out from the distillate. The retro-nasal phase is intense and very long, with a very long aftertaste. It has a natural tendency to oak with notes of vanilla that make it essential for the last third smoke.

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