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"The fullness of a perfume that is drunk…”

Concentrating the flavors and aromas of a wine can be understood as the desire of every winegrower. Distilling its very essence is an even greater pleasure than fermentation itself. That is why since 1948 This Brandy is considered a perfume that can be drunk.

José Antonio Zarzana - Winegrower

Variety: 100% Pedro Ximénez
Alcoholic Grade: 40%
Capacity: 70 cl.
Presentation: 3 Bottles x Box


Distilled from the wines of our House, which is part of the second phase of the aging process of the brandies that we make. The first phase is the same as our Brandy TEN THOUSAND BOTTLES, from whose annual output 2,100 liters are separated to continue aging 13 more years in 225-liter American Oak barrels.

Originally, once distilled from Pedro Ximénez, the extracted alcohols are aged in 750-liter capacity chestnut wood barrels, which They have been previously wrapped with our Pedro Ximénez raisin wine; the sum of Chestnut and Oak makes it very balanced. There is a perfect harmony between the sweet flavors and aromas, which the Chestnut respects, and the strong astringent that the oak inevitably contributes. The final set is achieved thanks to the contribution of the Pedro Ximénez grape as raw material and the quality of the barrels that are selected for its production.

The extraction of each barrel is made following sensory and organoleptic tasting criteria, but even so, the regularity year after year is so strict that it is practically impossible to distinguish one take from the previous one. Finally, the yield is less than 100 bottles of distillate per ton of fresh grape.

Tasting Notes

VISUAL: At sight It navigates between dark amber and not very intense mahogany, with greenish edges very typical of its long aging. It does not have an appearance of density, nor of color that makes it appear heavy to the eye. Clean and bright as a result of its stabilization over the years.

OLFACTIVE: In the olfactory phase, the initial alcoholic intensity of its 40º is shown, after a few seconds of oxygenation , gently balanced with hints of raisin, as well as hints of noble woods, joinery and old Solera background. Scented without tiring on the nose and pleasantly appetizing.

TASTE: On the palate it is very round, pleasant, deeply velvety and with a subtle sweetness reminiscent of both the raw material and the barrels in which it has aged. The retro-nasal phase is of absolute fullness, with a very prolonged aftertaste intensity. It reports a very long and absolutely unforgettable sensory perception pleasant.

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