Ctra. Jerez - Sanlúcar desvío Las Tablas Km 1,5


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A journey through the unexplored world of dry Pedro Ximénez de Jerez

When in the Marco de Jerez When talking about Pedro Ximénez, a sweet and unctuous sensation comes to mind, which never ends up disappearing from the collective subconscious. But at Ximénez-Spínola we cannot settle for such conventionalism, because being specialists in this grape implies much more. You have to make a dry wine from overripe grapes, you have to reach 14 natural degrees, you have to ferment it and age it for nine months in French oak. You have to do a continuous, but gentle "battonage" ... And finally, you have to have the patience to wait for its evolution of up to five years in the bottle to reach the expected level. Obviously, all this makes it impossible to find anything that resembles this joint and extremely reduced edition of the 2015, 2016 and 2017 vintages, where the comparison between vintages makes it obvious that we are dealing with a very serious white wine with long aging. Something unique in our variety.