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" A wine for history… ”

The pioneer of the series of dry sherries from this House. A Fine Wine from Jerez made 100% with Pedro Ximénez grape variety. The first dry wine made with this variety of grape, which has been protected by the DO Jerez-Xèrés-Sherry since it was founded. in 1934.

José Antonio Zarzana - Viticulturist

Variety: 100% Pedro Ximénez
Alcoholic Grade: 15%
Capacity: 150 cl.
Wooden box presentation: 1 Bottle x Box


Oenological event of some initially fermented musts for white wines 100% from Pedro Ximénez grapes from the 2015 Harvest. The fruit was overripe on the vine for 21 days additional to the conventional vintage. It was collected by hand and transported in 15 kg boxes to avoid deterioration in the grains, already evolved and less compact than fresh grapes, but full of aromatic and sensitive concentrations.

It was ground in a soft-pressed winery, with yields per ton of fresh grapes lower than 600 liters of freshly pressed must. Immediately after grinding, it was introduced with its skins into 300-liter French Oak barrels, adding 30 liters every day to each barrel, so that the yeasts would finish off all the sugars daily, leaving the wine completely dry.

During the fall of 2015 and the spring of 2016, the wine resulting from this process, developed profusely flower veil in certain barrels that were rejected for make the "Slow Fermentation 2015" of this House. A barrel made of French Oak and a Jerez boot made of American Oak remained as proof of what happened. After 5 years of static biological aging, both barrels were assembled and six hundred magnum bottles of this very particular wine were bottled in December 2020.

Tasting Notes

VISUAL: Gold clean and bright straw that when rotating the glass triggers dense and glyceric tears typical of natural fermentation and contact with the skin.

SMELL: Biological breeding is evident from the beginning. There are notes of yeast, dry wood, hay, as well as the presence of "natural flower veil". The French oak wood predominates over the American, but neither of them is the protagonist. It has a fruity sensation close to a ripe apple. Alcohol is not perceived, but harmony of each element.

TASTE: In the mouth, the absence of alcoholic sensation is surprising despite its 15 degrees. It is light and creamy at the same time. The tip of acidity is extremely unusual for a Fine Wine. Nuts and salinity are maintained from start to finish, with a flavor that lacks bitterness and enhances the interaction of all taste buds.