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“The office of our elders…”

It was in 1918 when this Solera was born. Four generations of the same family have worked to keep track of the aging of each drop of this wine. More than a product in itself, it is a desire for continuity. A trade inherited from parents to children.

José Antonio Zarzana - Viticulturist

Variety: 100% Pedro Ximénez
Alcoholic Grade: 15%
Capacity: 75 cl.
Presentation: 3 Bottles x Box


Grapes harvested by hand and collected in boxes of 15 kg. so that it does not deteriorate. Once cut, the grape must spend no less than 21 days exposed to the sun, which will dehydrate it slowly and progressively, concentrating the wine fructose typical of its variety and providing the elegant natural sweetness, which differentiates the Pedro Ximénez of high quality, of which are made following other processes.

From each ton of fresh grapes only 300 kilos of raisined grapes are obtained, which once in the press generate about 100 kg. of solid waste (skin, toothpick and seeds) and 200 liters of authentic raisin must. Then it will begin an aging of no less than 15 years in American Oak barrels. It is aged in the family Solera started with musts from 1918 and annual aging control from 1919.

Due to its quality and scarcity, it is considered a “cult wine”. The Winery annually puts out to the market less than half of the liters of quota assigned by the Regulatory Council. It is not obtained by following preconceived volumes, but by tasting all the barrels one by one and discriminating those that are fully selected from those that are partially. It is clarified by natural decantation in the barrel and goes directly to the bottle, after a soft cellulose filter, which helps it not to lose its natural aromas and flavors ...

Tasting Notes

VISUAL: In the visual phase it shows an intense but very clean mahogany color, as a consequence of the stability achieved in wood. Subtle iodized reflections, very bright and typical of 15 years of oxidative aging. By slowly moving the glass, the tear reveals the intense degree of fructose and its natural glyceric point. You can see that it is a fermented wine because it lacks the usual density of other Pedro Ximénez.

OLFATIVE: On the nose the intensity of the raisin is sweeping and resounding, clearly dominating over the rest of aromas. Notes of roasted coffee and dark chocolate very typical of prolonged aging, it also has a point of volatility typical of its old age that should not be confused with the volatility of alcohol. There is no real alcoholic perception, that subtlety and the aromas of the raisin give it an elegant but intense touch.

TASTE: Its exceptional smoothness in the mouth and the subtlety of its natural alcoholic content, they give it great finesse. The raisin grape continues to clearly dominate, with a hint of dried figs. All that concentration is perfectly assembled with the roasted wood, leaving in its long and endless aftertaste a very pleasant, long-lasting and difficult to forget experience.

“ Out of respect for the freedom of all wine lovers and in order not to condition their personal creativity, XIMÉNEZ-SPÍNOLA has as a rule not to recommend pairing with any of its elaborations ” Download Tasting Note

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