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"More than a hundred years of history ... "

November 30, 2018 made exactly one century since the beginning of the Solera del PX Muy Viejo and that is why we have chosen this day to put on sale the 50 last bottles of this Commemorative Edition that has now become a Collector's Edition that will never exist again.

On November 30 of each year the feast of San Andrés is celebrated. The most deeply rooted winery custom in Spain and the oral tradition of our elders, says that "For Andrés el must, vino es" and indeed when these dates arrive, the musts already fermented have been separated by their lees and the cold of autumn, has done its stabilization work in barrels. This has been corroborated since November 30, 1918, for Solera that that day was being born.

On November 30, 2018, it was a century ago that my great-grandfather José Zarzana Seda started our oldest Solera, requesting the start of his “Aging Account” to the Commission of Breeders and Wine Exporters, antecedent of the Jerez Regulatory Council. Since, although our winery was founded in 1729, in 1918 only twenty-four years had been bottled wine labeled with the “Ximánez-Spínola” brand but without a specific start date. In other words, "Ximénez-Spínola" was initially the wine of one or more Harvests, but its antiquity was not exactly dated, which is why my great-grandfather gave all of those "disparate" wines to his brother Cecilio, in order to preserve the wholly owned by the “Phelipe Zarzana Spínola y Cía.” Family Company. His goal was to create himself from the beginning, that unified pedigree of Pedro Ximénez that he had insisted on having one day to stop being a “Harvester” and become a “Criador”.

José Antonio Zarzana