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“Traditional raisins for a wine of the year ...”

A vintage. A whole year of work… Pruning branches, taking care of the vineyard, dreaming of the rains, the sun, the moons and the sunsets. At last the grapes arrive and are dehydrated under the Sun. It is not necessary for the oak and the barrel to kill the fruit of this raisin juice ... This is how it was born.

José Antonio Zarzana - Viticulturist

Variety: 100% Pedro Ximénez
Alcoholic Grade: 12%
Capacity: 37.5 cl.
Presentation: 6 Bottles x Box


Grapes harvested by hand and collected in boxes of 10 kg. so that it does not deteriorate. Once cut, it must spend no less than 21 days exposed to the sun, which will dehydrate it slowly and progressively, concentrating the wine fructose typical of its variety and providing the elegant natural sweetness, which differentiates the high quality Pedro Ximénez. of which are made following other processes.

Since the levels of natural dehydration by "soleo" are very high, for each ton of fresh grapes only 300 kilos of grapes are obtained. raisined, which once in the press, generate about 100 kg. of solid waste (skin, toothpick and seeds) and 200 liters of authentic raisin must. The whole process is maintained as it has always been done in the Pedro Ximénez de raisins of our House.

This wine obtains its alcohol in a natural way, taking advantage of the less dehydrated grape that reaches the winery in the first sunny days. It ferments in American Oak barrels until reaching 12º, graduation at which it is kept for 12 months in wood. It is clarified by natural decantation in the barrel and goes directly to the bottle, after a soft cellulose filter, which helps it not to lose its natural aromas and flavors.

Tasting Notes

VISUAL: In the visual phase, it shows an intense, clean and bright amber color, with notes of glyceric tear when rotating the glass . It lacks edges in the observation of the glass, since it does not have a prolonged age for a long time.

OLFATIVE: On the nose, ripe grape, raisins, plums dry. Fermentation hints, slight oxidation and subtle notes of wood. By rotating the glass, raisins appear more intensely as a hegemonic aroma. It is frank and not complex on the nose.

TASTE: It has a fresh and velvety entry, highly integrated acidity that facilitates the tasting experience: dates, figs and of course you pass. It is intense but its aftertaste is much less persistent than that of a very old Pedro Ximénez. A fermented raisin juice with slight hints of oxidation and wood.

“Out of respect for freedom of all wine lovers and in order not to condition their personal creativity, XIMÉNEZ-SPÍNOLA has as a rule not to recommend pairing with any of its elaborations ”

Download Tasting Note

Download Tasting Note