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“A wonderful mistake, made of wine…”

When a Pedro Ximénez wine is made from raisins, the evolution is not always as desired. There are some natural yeasts called "mycodermas" that sometimes develop, feeding on the alcohol and fructose in wine, which end up converted into acetate. And from that natural acetate this unique vinegar is born, made by Pedro Ximénez.

José Antonio Zarzana - Viticulturist

Variety: 100% Pedro Ximénez
Acetic Grade: 6º
Capacity: 50 cl.
Presentation: 3 Bottles x Box


At any time throughout The aging of our Pedro Ximénez raisins, the yeasts known as “mycodermas”, taking advantage of the evaporation of alcoholic strength, can attack one or more Pedro Ximénez barrels, transforming the original “ethyl alcohol” of the wine into “ethyl acetate "That is to say in" vinegar ". It is the consequence of the natural selection process of our Pedro Ximénez barrels, since we do not correct or alter the content of the barrels that develop some type of volatile acidity during the aging process.

This Solera de vinagre was born in 1983, when the then owner of the company Mr. José Luis Zarzana Palma, began to select and separate the qualities of the wines that he had had during ten years of in a static manner, without replacing the decline in the hatcheries, which resulted in two large batches: one with high volatile acidity and the other with balanced volatile acidity. The one with the highest acidity had lost density and grams of sugar as well as much of the alcohol. It had ceased to be wine to begin an inexorable path towards Vinegar.

It is bottled "En Rama", that is, unfiltered and in the same conditions in which we extract it from the barrels of the winery in which we keep it, for this reason it maintains very powerful aromas and flavors although softened by the years of aging in oak. Due to its lack of complete filtration, it can develop natural sediments that do not alter its quality at all.

Tasting Notes

VISUAL: Intense mahogany with trims. As it is bottled "en Rama", that is, without micron filtration, its appearance is not absolutely crystalline and neither is its ability to clean visually with the passage of time, since slight sedimentation of absolutely natural particles may appear at the bottom of the bottle. that do not in any way diminish its quality, but are unequivocal proof of it.

OLFATIVE: Ethyl acetate with a memory of ketones, lacquers and varnishes , then softened with raisins, plums and very marked oak. Acetic nose very marked and sharp, without being bothersome. It transmits a lot of unctuousness, serenity and harmony. You almost want to drink it in glasses.

TASTE: Intense, broad and prolonged flavor. You can see that it is an evolved wine, converting fructose and alcohol that originally made up a Pedro Ximénez barrel into acetic acid. That is why it has lost volatility and a lot of density. Less unctuous in the mouth than a Pedro Ximénez, but very sharp without being aggressive, nor forgetting the wine with which it is made.

Download Tasting Note

Download Tasting Note